Batteries for an infinite number of


There is a solution for every need

Our products are designed for a wide range of applications, from portable power systems (1.28kWh) to large capacity industrial systems (several MWh).

Our products are designed for your uses and needs

Click on the application you are interested in for more details

battery 1

Replacement of every lead batteries; no exceptions!

Our OlenBox batteries with integrated BMS are Plug-and-Play
Space requirement 2x smaller / 3x lighter / Constant capacity at all power levels / 8x longer service life


Forklift trucks

Fenwick, airplane stairs, cranes, construction site generators but also machine tools and agricultural tractors…


Recreational Vehicles

Motorhomes, caravans, mobile homes, buggies, Polaris rangers, electric trailers, golf carts, licence-free cars, pick-up trucks, Tiny houses…



Security, telecom antennas, portability, weather stations, street lighting…

naval 2


Ferry, yachting, passengers, river, fishing & defence + Port machinery, cranes…


Aviation & Satellite

ULM, electric paramotors, light aviation, gliders, satellites…

robot 2 1


Industrial, agricultural, medical, domestic, military, explorers, anthropomorphic robots…

solar panel


Storing excess production of photovoltaic panels and reducing your energy bill

data center

UPS & Data-Centers

A data center must never be powered down or risk losing data.

radar chantier

Radar & Construction

Fixed, mobile & construction site radars, power supply for construction site equipment, road signalling, energy cases, generator batteries…

cargo truck


High-power batteries, defence turrets, radars, submarines, energy cases, integrated charger systems, HEMV, torpedo systems…

vehicule to grid

Enabling the Vehicle to Grid

Stationary storage units for efficient absorption of electric vehicles in a smart-grid/home environment

smart electrical grid

Renewable Energy & Smart Grid

Smart Grid energy storage, production smoothing, frequency modulation, peak shaving, overproduction…

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