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Olenergies’ mainspring is to provide solutions for a responsible Energy Transition. Our way of responding to the ecological emergency: produce sustainable, efficient and smart energy storage systems in France.

Our systems are designed to replace lead batteries, electrify carbonaceous industrial sectors and provide solutions to overcome the intermittency of Renewable Energies.

Our solution: combine our eco-designed batteries with an intelligent digital platform to greatly increase their lifetime and lower their cost over their useful time.

Our products are designed for a wide range of applications,
from portable power systems (100Wh) to high capacity industrial systems (1MWh)

Our Products

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OlenBox Serie 10 12.8V102.4Ah 1024x972, Olenergies


Complete modular plug-&-play systems
to meet the majority of needs

Visuel, Olenergies


A secured communicating system used for home storage
and telecom antennas

  • Nominal power: 51,20V (48V)
  • Two formats: horizontal or cubic
  • Cloud Fleet Management for optimising ageing
  • Compatible with an eco-services system (inverters…)

Olenmove 1 300x281, Olenergies


Mobile power access system to replace generators

  • From 24 à 48 V
  • From 10 à 30 kWh
  • High weather and impact resistance
  • Handy, powerful and durable
  • Carry 30kWh by hand or by bike

OlenMade, Olenergies


Custom storage systems and project management

  • From 3.2 to 1024V
  • All levels of discharges
  • All environments
  • All constraints

OlenPower 1, Olenergies


Containerized energy storage systems

  • Standardized
  • Modular and flexible
  • Intelligent & efficient piloting
  • Ultra-fast trigger


Olenpeps2, Olenergies


Piloting Energy Power Systems

  • Battery Management System
  • Power Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Tout en un !
DAS En 1, Olenergies
Renewable Energy Durability, Olenergies

A very high lifetime: 10 years and more

A very high lifetime:
10 years and more

The quality of the cells of our systems, combined with our electronic management card, allows spectacular results.

The number of cycles that can be performed depends on several factors :

  • The discharge power measured in C-Rate
  • The depth of discharge (DoD)
  • The environment: temperature, humidity, etc.
Mise En Scene, Olenergies

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