High capacity systems


Anticipate energy storage in a secure and flexible way

OlenPower systems are containerised solutions dedicated to the needs of large storage capacities.

Each system, connected, electromagnetic shielded (EMC) and with a nominal capacity between 0.5 and 1MWh, is designed to compensate for the intermittency of renewable energies, emergency systems (UPS), natural disaster applications or data centers.

Integrating advanced control and monitoring functions, it offers high reliability, efficiency and durability for dynamic applications. The containers can be assembled in parallel to each other to increase capacity and provide more flexibility.

OlenPower storage systems are particularly appreciated in hot environments, which is not the case with NMC chemistry, which does not tolerate a temperature above 45°C.

The Olenergies systems operate without cooling up to 70°C. These systems will enable the creation of smart and micro-grid systems or even the supply of isolated sites.

These solutions represent the future of energy, as they are an essential component for the energy transition.

Modular, Powerful & Smart

Containerized storage systems dedicated to electricity networks and Renewable Energies

  • Standardized for quick deployement
  • Modular and flexible
  • Intelligent & efficient piloting
OlenPower 1


Integrate RE and provide flexibility on the Smart electrical grid

Today by choice, tomorrow by necessity


The achievement of the global targets for reducing CO2 emissions necessary to fight climate change requires the massive development of renewable energies. As the main renewable energies (wind, solar) are intermittent, the operation of electrical systems with a high proportion of renewable energies will only be possible if electricity can be stored efficiently on a large scale.

It is in this context that Olenergies uses its expertise to develop secure, connected and very long-lasting containerised storage solutions; OlenPower.

Indeed, if several electrical storage technologies coexist, with different characteristics more or less adapted to different applications, the OlenPower battery represents the best option, because it has value throughout the electricity chain:

  • for an industrial consumer by smoothing out its peak consumption and reducing its bill,
  • at a renewable energy producer or self-producer by ensuring that its production is injected when it has the most value,
  • to manage congestion or avoid investment in the transmission or distribution network,
  • to carry out time arbitrations on the markets,
  • to meet the balancing needs of the electrical system,
  • to give a guarantee of useful capacity for the passage of the electric peak,
  • or even to improve the resilience of networks in the event of an exceptional climatic event.

Some of these needs can be met simultaneously or successively by the same OlenPower installation.

Optimizing the value of storage requires highly complex algorithms to manage the state of storage by optimally anticipating the weather, the state of the electrical system, electricity demand, the consumption of an industrial site, the production of a renewable unit, etc. For decentralized storage, this optimization must be done at the level of a portfolio aggregating a large number of OlenPower installations.

By developing its R&D to master these optimization techniques, Olenergies designs modular, secure, long-life, connected and environmentally friendly systems that give OlenPower a clear advantage when electricity storage is going to develop on a very large scale throughout the world.

OlenPower storage, adapted to so-called « stationnary1 » applications, is developing at a different pace depending on the applications, the level of complexity and the technical mastery of plant optimization:

  • On a European scale, the first « conquest » of OlenPower is that of the system services market2, representing a specific niche market (around 1 GWh).
  • By 2023, the development of storage for the integration of renewable energies, whether by producers themselves or through the development of market arbitrage, will increase. There is uncertainty as to the proportion between centralized storage (whether or not coupled with a large renewable power plant) and decentralized storage (installed in a self-consumption logic for individual, residential or industrial customers). This proportion will depend heavily on the regulatory framework.
  • By 2025, we estimate the development prospects for OlenPower in Europe at 10 GWh, including 1 GWh for France.

1/ Stationary storage includes storage applications outside embedded systems such as vehicles
2/ Power reserve available by the network managers automatically activated within a very short time

A very wide variety of applications


Reinforced by our OlenPEPS integration (Piloting Energy Power Systems), it is possible to enhance the value of a set of services beyond the product.

EnR OlenPower

Renewable energies:

To compensate for the intermittency of renewable energies and provide flexibility on the grid.

 We can identify two types of markets:

Western countries: in these markets, energy and the electricity grid are of high quality and interconnected. The main interest of acquiring OlenPower for these actors is to offer flexibility on the network: energy reserve, smoothing, modulation, injection, peak clipping, frequency adjustment….

Markets to be electrified: India and Africa mainly. Networks are of poor quality or non-existent. We now know that investment in heavy grid infrastructure makes no sense; it is too expensive and is less relevant given the lower costs of photovoltaics and the strong solar field. The electrification of these areas will be done by renewable energies combined with flexible OlenPower systems.

L’autoconsommation de branche et la smart city

Branch self-consumption and smart-city:

Climate change has highlighted several issues concerning the evolution of energy needs and less polluting technologies that direct solutions towards “all-electricity”. This will lead to an over-consumption of electricity, and therefore to a new conception of the electricity grid that is oriented towards a mixed energy network: the micro-grid.

OlenPower comme solution de récupération d’énergie cinétique de freinage des transports sur rails

OlenPower as a solution for recovering kinetic energy from braking in rail transport:

Thanks to a technology based on OlenPower and its future connectivity and power evolutions, we will be able to build a metro/train braking kinetic energy recovery program adapted to existing installations.

OlenPower comme solution de stockage d’énergie pour les Datas centers 2

OlenPower as an energy storage solution for Data centers:

5% of the world’s energy consumption and tomorrow 15%. A data center must never stop being powered because of the risk of data loss. Power failure is the number one risk in the data center. Energy management is also very important. The components of the OlenPower are in 19-inch rack format…

OlenPower comme solution de sûreté pour les Hôpitaux et bâtiments à alimentation critique

OlenPower as a safety solution for critical supply hospitals and buildings:

The need to ensure the continuity of power supply within health care facilities is a legal requirement. The Public Health Code requires the public hospital service to ensure and contribute to the management of the emergency department and the continuity of patient care. However, let us remember that on January 1, 2018, a serious incident occurred at an hospital in Saint-MandĂ©, close to Paris. A total power outage paralyzed the establishment for most of the evening; the generators did not take over, several patients had to be evacuated urgently…

OlenPower comme solution de stockage pour les mines

OlenPower as a storage solution for extraction mines:

The extraction, transport and especially the refining of ores require a lot of energy: the ores are ground and undergo different treatments. The energy consumed is one of the essential components of the cost price of minerals and therefore of the profitability of mines. However, very often, mining regions do not have traditional sources of energy for industry. An OlenPower would reduce the invoice and secure the extraction which is done 24/7.

OlenPower comme solution de continuité dapprovisionnement Systèmes UPS back up 3

OlenPower as a supply continuity solution + UPS systems & back-up:

For this application, the most widely used technology currently in use is that of the generator set. Batteries are only used for UPS-type applications to take over the network very quickly, but very quickly in duration and not to provide back-up over several hours. In addition, image or marketing issues may generate interest in OECD countries.

OlenPower comme solution de stockage mobile et Ă  disposition en cas de catastrophe naturelle

Many other applications....

OlenPower as a mobile storage solution and available in the event of a natural disaster….

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