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Provide concrete solutions for a responsible energy transition












We are convinced that only intelligent battery systems that continuously optimize products life are the key to a sustainable energy transition, for both mobility and stationary applications.

All Olenergies batteries are Cobalt-free




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What we do ? 🔋

Olenergies’ mainspring is to provide solutions for a responsible Energy Transition. Our way of responding to the ecological emergency: produce sustainable, efficient and smart energy storage systems in France.

Our systems are designed to replace lead batteries, electrify carbonaceous industrial sectors and provide solutions to overcome the intermittency of Renewable Energies.

Our solution: combine our eco-designed batteries with an intelligent digital platform to greatly increase their lifetime and lower their cost over their useful time.

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  • Store energy from renewables
  • Replace lead-acid batteries
  • Power supply vehicles, robots & ships
  • Provide flexibility on the smart electrical grid

How ?

Powerful and environmentally friendly products

âś“Olenergies is a company working with the Social and Solidarity Energy Economy

expert manufacturer
expert manufacturer


Powerful and environmentally friendly products

Our products are very secure and designed to last.
In all situations Olenergies batteries represent the best performance/price ratio compared to any other electrochemical technology.

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Our systems are designed for a minimum of 3,000 cycles or many years of use !

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Eco friendly

No toxic or dangerous elements, for man or the planet. so no cobalt and never lead-acid

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100% secured

The cell is inherently safe; no risk of fire or explosion

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On-board intelligence

Right to error: our BMS is a “safeguard” that will intervene in the event of an anomaly

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Fast charging

It is not necessary to respect a load curve and this is done without losses (efficiency close to 100%)

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From -20°C to +65°C

Olenergies systems are still the technological choice for harsh environments


“The industry has just begun. With so much investment going into battery technology, falling costs and with significant addition of wind and solar capacity in all markets, energy storage will play a crucial part in the energy transformation”


Yayoi Sekine, Energy storage analyst

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Knocking out traditional lead acid batteries!


Less expensive for the same lifetime

on average*

  • Twice as much energy storage for the same size
  • Efficiency – 99%
  • 8x longer service life
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Lighter than lead

on average*


Lighter than lead

on average*

olencell 1024x575 1
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Automatic cylindrical batteries sorting and welding equipment developed with Mondragon


A solution exists for each need

Our products are designed for a wide range of applications, from portable power systems (1.28kWh) to high capacity industrial systems (several MWh)

DAS en 1


A solution exists for each need

We develop specific products for each use.

Olenergies has as an intrinsic objective to create products with a very long lifespan for all its products and for all situations.

Whether it is for a robot, RV, boat, home storage, smart building, a neighbourhood or an electrical network on a territorial scale, we have a Plug-&-Play solution to offer.

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Complete modular plug-&-play systems

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A secured communicating system

  • Energy: 48V – 5kWh
  • Warranty until 20 years
  • Supervision and optimization (OlenPeps)
  • Compatible with an eco-services system (inverters…)

    olenmove 1


    Mobile power access system to replace generators

    • Output: 5, 12, 24VDC and 230VAC
    • From 10 to 30 kWh
    • High weather and impact resistance
    • Handy, powerful and durable
    • Carry 30kWh by hand or by bike



      Custom systems & project management

      • From 3.2 to 1024V
      • All levels of discharges
      • All environments
      • All constraints

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      Containerized energy storage systems

      • From 100kWh to 1000kWh per unit
      • Local and Cloud EMS
      • Intelligent & efficient piloting
      • Ultra-fast trigger
      • Performance guarantee until 20 years


      olenpeps energy as a service battery


      Piloting Energy Power Systems

      • Battery Management System
      • Power Management System
      • Energy Management System
      • All in one!

      for a wide range of applications

      A solution exists for each need

      Our batteries are designed to take into consideration the specific constraints of each application.

      Whether it is a fast recharge, a high autonomy, a very long life, a thermal, vibratory or regulatory resistance… we develop specific characteristics to make sure our storage systems can be adapted to all situations.

      battery 1

      Replacement of lead-acid batteries

      Our OlenBox batteries with built-in BMS are Plug-&-Play
      Dimensions 2x lower / 3x lighter / Constant capacity
      at all power levels / 8x longer life


      Floor machines

      Forklift trucks, Fenwick, aircraft stairs, cranes, construction site generators but also machine tools and agricultural tractors….


      Recreational Vehicles

      RV, caravan, mobile home, buggy, Polaris Ranger, electric trailer, golf cart, unlicensed car, pick-up, mini-moke…



      Security, telecom antennas, portability, weather stations, street lighting…

      naval 1


      Electric and hybrid boats, fishing boat, watercraft, floating survival craft…


      Air & Satellite

      Microlights, paramotor, light aviation, glider, satellite…

      robot 2 1


      Robots: Industrial, agricultural, medical, domestic, military, explorers, anthropomorphic…

      solar panel

      Home storage

      Store the excess production of photovoltaic panels and reduce your energy bill

      data center

      UPS & Data-Centers

      A data center must never stop being powered at the risk of data loss

      radar chantier

      Radar & Construction

      Fixed, mobile and construction site radars, power supply for construction site equipment, signalling equipment, energy case…

      cargo truck


      Submarines, defense turrets, lidar, energy cases, high-power batteries, integrated charger system, HEMV, rechargeable systems for torpedoes…

      vehicule to grid

      Allow the "vehicle to Grid"

      Stationary storage units for efficient absorption of electric vehicles in a smart-grid/home environment

      smart electrical grid

      Renewable Energies & Smart grid

      Energy arbitrage, peak shaving, frequency regulation, reserves network: joint optimization for superlinear gains



      Our products are designed and made in France

      Our products are designed in France to meet the quality and safety standards that prevail in Europe and worldwide.
      For this reason, we are proud to claim less than 1% customer service requests on all our products.

      This allows us to offer you innovative products that are superior in terms of quality to the products of the most renowned brands, at much more affordable prices.



      Because each project is different, our company will be your best partner to design and manufacture custom storage systems according to your needs

      Our engagement to satisfy you continues well beyond the installation



      We study extensively your needs in order to identify the best technical and economical solution for your project


      We realize a complete dimensioning of your project by considering all your constraints. For specific or custom projects, this work results in a technical proposal


      Your systems design is computerized and can involve prototypes if necessary. We design all our systems from scratch, from casing to software and of course our electronic BMS


      We manufacture your systems as quickly as possible.
      We make compliance tests in our french based factory for each system to ensure the highest level of quality and optimal performance

      Monitoring & Optimization

      With our tools and software, we can set up monitoring and processing via a cloud hosted hub to ensure fast support and to optimize the lifespan of your systems according to your usage.

      Second life batteries & Recycling

      We always seek to increase the economic value of the battery but also to delay the recycling time. Finally, when the battery reaches the end of its life, we offer recycling solutions in relation with reference organizations



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