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Come join a young expert company of lithium storage batteries.
Combining high-tech and renewable energies, this company evolves in a rapidly expanding market by providing innovative and disruptive solutions.
The batteries it designs and manufactures are intelligent, durable, secure and environmentally friendly.
They are used to store energy from renewable energies (solar, wind, smart grid & home) or to power vehicles (boats, robots, telecom antennas…).

The start-up, expert-manufacturer, is positioned on both hardware and software products and related services. This combination of skills offers rewarding and varied professional opportunities. As part of a long-term relationship, the company accompanies the projects throughout the product life cycle.

You want to put your talent, your curiosity and your spirit of initiative in the service of an exciting entrepreneurial adventure, then send us your application !

Featured Openings

Sales engineer – OlenBox

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDI


In order to support and structure our strong growth, we are looking for a lithium battery sales engineer – OlenBox – (range of plug-and-play lithium batteries)

Front End Developer

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDI

Doctor specialized in optimizing battery aging

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDI / Jeune docteur / Thèse

Battery Management System Expert

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDI

Product Manager

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDI

Product Designer

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – CDD

Communication / Marketing digital

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Work-study agreement

Marketing / Business Intelligence

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


Front-end developer

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


Communication/ Social networks

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


Business & Strategic Intelligence

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


Batteries Business developper – 2 positions

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


Front-end developer

Olenergies – Montreuil, FR – Internship


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