Lithium Market


Battery-grade lithium prices and market analysis

Lithium decreased by 14.30 points or 13.37% since the beginning of 2019, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD), that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity.
Historically, Lithium reached an all-time high of 157.11 in February of 2011 and a record low of 62.79 in February of 2016.

Lithium Price Trend

Lithium EURUSD Trend Olenergies 2, Olenergies

Raw material per tonne

Summary prices and drivers

  • Global carbonate prices kept stable
  • Cobalt benchmark price moved down
  • Nickel prices drop on weak demand in short term

Market & price developments

  • Battery-grade lithium carbonate price rangebound at current level.
  • Technical and industrial-grade carbonate prices drifted lower.
  • Lithium hydroxide prices weak on continually weak downstream demand.
  • Asia lithium battery prices remain at their current level in flat market.

Lithium Forecast Curve 1, Olenergies

Lithium analysis : Demand / Prices / Forecast

Lithium Supplydemand Table Tonnes LCE 4, Olenergies
Lithium prices & forecast
Lithium Prices Forecast 4, Olenergies
Lithium Supplydemand Tonnes LCE, Olenergies

Global Battery demand (GWh)

Global Battery Demand GWh, Olenergies
* ESS = Energy Storage Systems

* EV = Electric Vehicules

* ESS = Energy Storage Systems
OlenPower 1 300x280, Olenergies
* EV = Electric Vehicules
Evcharging 300x136 1, Olenergies

Price assessment process

Lithium Price Assessment Process Olenergies FM, Olenergies

Battery Raw materials prices

Latest prices

Lithium Spotlight Table 30 08 2019, Olenergies
Lithium carbonate, 99.5% Li2CO3 min, battery grade, spot price cif China, Japan & Korea, $/kg (midpoint)

LC Cif 30 08 2019, Olenergies

Last semester complete prices

Battery Raw Materials Update 4, Olenergies

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