What are the benefits of our

batteries ?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of all our batteries

Life span: 10 years minimum

Our systems are designed for a minimum of 3,000 cycles or many years of use !

Replaces 2 lead acid batteries advantageously

Olenergies batteries can be discharged at 100% of useful capacity (Lead acid = 50%) !

100% secured

The cell is intrinsically safe; no risk of fire or explosion

On-board intelligence

Right to error: our BMS is a “safeguard” that will intervene in the event of an anomaly

Fast charging

It is not necessary to follow a load curve and the chemical elements do not heat up

From -20Ā°C to +65Ā°C

Olenergies systems are still the technological choice for harsh environments


An Olenergies battery is about 60% lighter than a lead-acid battery for the same capacity !


Thanks to their high energy density, Olenergies batteries are much more compact than most other batteries

Efficiency close to 100%

Unlike lead-acid batteries, all the energy that charges Olenergies batteries is stored and not lost.

Partial charging and discharging; no problem

The service life improves even slightly with partial charging instead of full charging

No Ā« memory effect Ā»

Even the opposite; Less-discharge = more cycles. Our batteries are insensitive to microcycling.

No discharge losses

One of the great advantages of Olenergies batteries is that Peukert’s losses are almost non-existent

Equal voltage throughout the discharge

Unlike a lead-acid battery, our systems provide the same voltage levels throughout the discharge process

Eco friendly

No toxic or dangerous elements, for man or the planet. so no cobalt and never lead-acid

A very high lifetime : 10 years

The quality of the cells of our systems, combined with our electronic management card, allows spectacular results.

The number of cycles that can be performed depends on several factors :

  • The discharge power measured in C-Rate
  • The depth of discharge (DoD)
  • The environment: temperature, humidity, etc.

In standard environment, and for cycles performed at 1C, the estimated number of cycles for Olenergies 26650 energy storage systems is as follows:

  • 2000 cycles at 100% discharge
  • 3000 cycles minimum at 80% discharge
  • 10,000 cycles at 55% discharge

As a comparison: lead-acid is at about 400 cycles and NMC at 550.

At the end of the number of cycles performed, Olenergies batteries still have a nominal capacity greater than 80% of the original capacity; they will continue to operate for a long time !

The best money value on the market

All the advantages provided by Olenergies batteries immediately make the initial cost profitable, which is more than offset by a fourfold longer service life, superior reliability, excellent efficiency and a minimum weight and volume reduced by half !

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